Wednesday, 2 December 2009


The Kosmo Manifesto

1) The Kosmo Blog is an independent online magazine, founded in 2009 by international journalism students from all over the world.

2) The Kosmo Blog covers contemporary news, world politics, life style, culture, sport, opinon and analyses.

3) The Kosmo Blog is politically non-aligned, non-profit and independent.

4) The Kosmo Blog is dedicated to promote multiculturalism, understanding and reliable information through quality journalism.

5) Everyone interested can become a contributor to The Kosmo Blog. Send us a mail, and tell us your story!

6) The Kosmo Blog aims to welcome all types of multimedia productions, from text and photography to video and radio.

7) The content on The Kosmo Blog is copyrighted by the original contributor(s).

8) It is the dedicated goal of The Kosmo Blog to maintain as broad a perspective as possible. Contributions should come from all corners of the world, securing a truly international profile.

9) The Kosmo Blog believes in the difference between fact and opinion. Whenever the statements made in a contribution is based on opinion, this will be clearly visible.

10) All standards of good press ethics must be met in every contribution and high standard of quality must be encouraged.

11) The Kosmo Blog is a project that wishes to promote quality journalism in a globalized world. We guarantee absolute transparency and open dialogue. We are committed to engage in any debate, and we will not refrain from asking tough questions if needed.

12) The content provided on The Kosmo Blog is free and accessible to everyone.

- The Kosmo Blog, December 2nd, 2009.

The Kosmo Blog
The Kosmo is an online magazine, published by international journalism students from all over the world. It's free of charge so just lean back and enjoy! Don't forget to send feedback!

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